The Countdown Begins

Almost four years ago, I was selected as one of eleven high school seniors in the country to write for the now defunct Eye on Apply section of the Princeton Review‘s website. As a member of the EOA Class of 2007 I wrote one to two columns each month about my personal experiences during the epic college application and selection process.

When I finally settled on DePauw and declared my accepted admission in my April EOA posting, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was over. I never had to think about viewbooks, application costs, personal essay questions, or the ACT again. I was an accepted DePauw tiger. End of story.

Fast forward to Saturday night, when I find myself standing in the study aids aisle in a Barnes and Noble in Athens, Georgia. The SAT and ACT titles do not call out to me this time. Instead, there’s a new test in town: The GRE.

A winning line-up of summer reading.

I had never even thought about grad school until some point during my freshman year, when I found myself surrounded by people who saw it as the next step. Me? I always figured a job was next. But then I learned the ways of the post-undergrad options and soon I started looking around online at graduate programs that tripped my interest. And once again, there I was: sitting in my room spending hours looking at course options and admissions processes and filling out information request forms. I’m on email lists and getting glossy, colorful viewbooks in the mail. It’s 2006 all over again.

This time, though, there’s more to sort out than just what school I’m going to attend. And, The Princeton Review isn’t around to chronicle my journeys. Which brings me here. As I embark on the adventures of being a twenty-something–whether applying for jobs, applying to grad schools, committing myself to my last year of undergrad academics, having as much fun as humanly possible with my friends, or just trying to sort it all out–I’ll be here, writing away.

For now I’m off to contemplate whether tonight is the night to break out The Princeton Review Crash Course for the GRE–my aid of choice due to it’s price tag (a wonderful $10) and the fact it’s a “last-minute guide” that speaks out to the standardized test studying slacker that I have always been.

Then again, no. I think Greek re-runs win.


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