5 Things I’m Ashamed to Say are in My iTunes

You know you have them.

They’re the songs that you skip over but keep just in case you want to listen to them on that rainy day when you’re in just the right mood. Or the songs you don’t want your best friend to know you own, so you quickly skip over them when they pop up on your iPod in the car.

I have a few songs that fit the bill, and here are the ones I’m not (too) ashamed to admit.

1) “Just the Girl” by The Click Five

Ah, The Click Five. Where have you gone? According to their MySpace page they’re surprisingly still chugging along the teenybopper pop scene—but this time overseas. Their third album was dropped in Singapore, far away from the Hoosier radio airwaves that happily blasted “Just the Girl” as DJs and teenage girls in Indy happily shouted that two of the members were from the Indianapolis area.

This song from my high school years was, sadly, an iTunes gift card purchase. It’s not a completely, horrifically terrible song. It’s just one that makes me cringe with its of-the-moment status–the moment being a good 5.5 years ago. It also reminds me that whenever a gift card crosses my path, I should take my sweet time in deciding what I want to purchase. I want songs with longevity that will keep me happy and singing in the car 5 years from now, as well. Sadly, Click Five, you just don’t make that cut.

my iTunes secrets

2) “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter

This song made its home in my iTunes library as a cherished Free Download of the Week. I was excited when it made it big because it meant I had made a valuable download. I sang along the third time, the twentieth, the thirtieth. I also loved the video (mainly because the guy is pretty cute), which was a mainstay in the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown for several weeks.

The defining end of the line for this song came during  newspaper in high school, when one of my fellow staffers decided to play it on a continuous loop the entire 90 minutes the staff met as a class. Since then I’ve never turned to the song on purpose, and will only listen to it if I’m too lazy to change songs.

3) “See You Again,” “7 Things,” “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus

Yes, I’m 22. And yes, Miley Cyrus is a tween sensation potentially on the path of destruction a la Miss Lohan. But I have to admit that there’s something…catchy about the vocal chops on this teen idol.

I reminisced about high school in “See You Again,” I felt the emotion of “7 Things” and I’ve danced way more than I’m comfortable admitting to “Party in the USA.” But the best part? Many of my fellow twenty-somethings have done the same thing. So maybe I don’t like admitting that I’ve followed the trends of fifteen-year-olds when it comes to my music, but I’m pretty sure that whenever I’ll hear one of these songs (come on, you know they’ll pop up at random points years from now) it will take me back to my college days.

4) “Hot in Herre” by Nelly (alongside its other Now 11! companions)

I only own one Now That’s What I Call Music! CD: Volume 11.

Getting the CD was the result of a Secret Santa exchange in eighth grade. I actually did not receive it in the exchange (in fact, I don’t remember what I actually did get) but someone I know did, inspiring me to go after all those awesome songs on one flashy sky blue and red CD. Among the songs—including the Dixie Chick’s remake of Stevie Nicks “Landslide,” which I admit is also still sitting in my iTunes collection—was the now classic “Hot in Herre.”

There’s just something about this song that, despite its dirtiness, gets me every time. From the beginning beat on I’m forced to drop all and dance across my room or do some pretty spiffy but safe shoulder dancing while driving. (Okay, if it’s in public, I do a little head nod instead, unless I’m at a party and the same dance-inducing effect spreads throughout the room). It also takes me back to middle school, where, despite most people, I actually had a pretty good time.

5) Savage Garden “Affirmation” CD

Is there a girl who hasn’t melted just a little at some point in time because of a Savage Garden song? First they hooked us with their 1997 hit “Truly Madly Deeply” and then they gave us “I Knew I Loved You,” a video that, much to my happiness, starred Kirsten Dunst. The latter was released on their CD Affirmation, which I owned at the age of 11. For some reason the CD has hooked me, and despite the weirdness of some of the songs (“I want to live like animals” lead singer Darren Hayes states in “The Animal Song”), I find them pretty enjoyable. Enough so I spent my ride home from Nashville after Christmas taking in the late-90s song collection.


So there you have it. What songs are you hiding in your collection?




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