Merry Christmas from 1967

A few weeks ago I was perusing Half Price Books in Indy when I ran across a fantastic find: a 1967 Christmas special issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

I snatched it up and wanted to share some of the funky retro holiday style.

The festive cover. I love the bold, 1960s typography.

Photos of some festive and classy holiday entertaining.

These paper ornaments are bright and lively and still a cute project for a modern tree.

This bell door decoration uses chicken wire to create.

I know we’re all looking for a Christmas mandolin door hanging.

These ornaments were initially what pulled me into the issue when I picked it up.

They are made from the pull tabs of soda cans. Obviously the shape has changed through the years, but it’s still inspiration for some modern projects that would work well for other non-Christmas decorations.

These are alternative suggestions for traditional package wrapping.

I’m not going to lie, the past few years the women in my family have had a Christmas Eve tea, complete with scones and lemon curd, finger sandwiches, and other delicious treats.

And the men gather around the television to eat chips and salsa.

This woman’s outfit is both crazy and classy at the same time. A little inspiration for pulling off loud prints.

I guess that posh look didn’t quite stay around.

I hope your holidays have been merry and bright.


One thought on “Merry Christmas from 1967

  1. Adorbs. I love the paper ornaments. I used origami ornaments and paper chains for several years in college to decorate my miniature fake tree. (This year I splurged and spent an entire $7 at JoAnn’s for 10 miniature ornaments and a 20-ft strand of lights; I felt extremely fancy.) But I did use origami bugs for name tags for presents this year. I had origami paper and did not have name tags–and they were cute!!

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