Places I Think About Living on a Regular Basis

I love Indianapolis. I always have. My parents will tell you I had a strange love for the city even as a child, and I am always one to defend it when people throw out the typical “there’s nothing but corn” attack that so often pops into conversations. When I spent seven years living in the south I never really felt at home. When I spent a semester living in Nashville, TN, and a
summer in Athens, GA, during college, I couldn’t wait to come back to the Hoosier state and Indy. There’s just something about it, though this video does a pretty awesome job of explaining why the city is so great:

That being said, I’ve recently found myself daydreaming a lot about living other places. Indy will always be home, but I’m starting to feel a little claustrophobic. This is probably because I work from home and don’t actually do much on a regular basis. But alas, at some point in my life I would like to check out some of these other places and maybe call them home for a bit.


Ellen and me melting in Williamsburg.

I went to Virginia a few summers ago as part of a road trip with my friend Ellen. We visited Virginia Beach and Newport News, Williamsburg, and Charlottesville before heading on home. Virginia was such a beautiful state to drive through and as I sat on the beach, watching dolphins in the distance and listening to the waves, I remembered just how lovely it is to live near the water (I lived in Gulfport, Mississippi, for a year).

Some lovely Atlantic waves at Virginia Beach.
A gorgeous quad at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville--one of the most beautiful campuses I've seen. The picture looks hazy because it was so hot and muggy my camera lens kept fogging up!

But there was also this cool historical vibe driving through the forests and mountains and knowing that our nation’s history was so rooted in that very scenery. I’ve been thinking about Virginia a lot lately and I can’t wait to go back.


I’ve never been to Boston, but I really really REALLY want to go (insert Augustana song here). One of the only schools I regret not applying to during my college search is Boston University, though obviously my college career turned out okay. Like Virginia, Boston is so heavily steeped in history. I would probably spend my days bouncing from historic site to historic site and then strolling the Harvard campus. To me there just seems to be something classy and cultured about the city, and for years there’s just been something luring me there.

Charleston & Savannah

When planning our road trip expedition, Ellen and I originally planned to go to Charleston and Savannah. Then we realized, based on our summer locations and the direction we needed to go to get home, it made more since to head toward Virginia instead. Charleston and Savannah, though, still remain on my mind. I like to think of them as cleaner, classier versions of New Orleans (sorry to anyone from Louisiana reading this I may be offending). I still have the travel guides I requested and I dream of breezes off the water, strolls through town, fine seafood dining and elegant southern styles. These are the only two southern cities I really thinking about living in all that much, except for sometimes Atlanta.


I’ve always fancied myself more of an East Coast girl, but my love of screenwriting has me pondering California a lot lately. I honestly can’t say that LA has a lot of appeal to me, but I do know there are beautiful areas throughout and around the city. Plus, my recent Netflix addiction to the sadly failed series What About Brian and the beautiful setting of the Nancy Meyer’s films Father of the Bride, It’s Complicated, and The Holiday (talk about dream houses) all make me give California another thought. Now about those earthquakes…


I’ve only been to the Chicago area three times: once for Spring Break my sophomore year of college, once for quick stroll around Northwestern’s campus when I was contemplating graduate school, and once for a really really terrible job interview. And okay, there was a trip when I was a stroller in which my parents may have used said stroller to sneak some items into a trade show, but that doesn’t really count.

The Chicago Theater

Honestly, the city really overwhelms me. There’s so much going on, so many people, so many buildings. It kind of makes my head spin. And I also know that the cost of living makes it a lot more difficult to happily live than other places (like Indy). But there’s so much culture and excitement, not to mention beautiful architecture, that there’s still an appeal. And I’ve never heard anyone say they hate living in Chicago…

New York City

As the saying goes, if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere. I’ve also never been to NYC, and like Chicago, I’m positive it would overwhelm me. But there’s still a tiny piece of me that’s intrigued with the thought of living in a brownstone, riding the subway, shopping in the flagship Macy’s and seeing Broadway shows. Plus, it’s pretty much a writers’ mecca.

New England

When I picture throwing myself into my writing and doing it full time, I picture doing it in New England. I picture quaint towns and lobster rolls and elegant fall leaves. I picture chunky sweaters and riding boots and weekend getaways to Providence or small town Vermont or Boston or NYC. I picture cozy fireplaces and picturesque–though freezing–Christmases. I picture beach houses in the summer and shell collecting. As I said, I’ve always fancied myself more of an East Coast girl. Maybe some day.

What about you? Are you daydreaming of any other place right now?


2 thoughts on “Places I Think About Living on a Regular Basis

  1. You have some great ideas – why not just do it?! Making big moves is easier than you think, I promise! And if you do take the plunge, feel free to hit me up for any tips 🙂

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