My Indy Bucket List

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Indianapolis. But some recent events have made me realize that I have yet to truly get to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Most of this is due to the seven year stretch of my life I lived in Mississippi and Louisiana, paired with the fact I’ve never had an Indianapolis zip code. I’ve always lived in the area, first Anderson, then Noblesville, then back to Anderson, plus four years in the middle of nowhere Greencastle during my time at DePauw.

As I strive to get my adult life established–and attempt the goal of one day getting to have that Indy zip code–I’ve contemplated a list of things related to Indianapolis and the surrounding areas I’d love to do. Here it is:

1) Go to a Colts game: I honestly had never watched a football game until middle school band. I didn’t understand football until marching band my freshman year of high school. It would have been nice to have seen a game during the Manning era, but I’ll try my luck with Luck (see what I did there?).

2) Eat at Yats: I miss Louisiana cuisine sometimes. Enough said.

3) Visit the Eiteljorg: This is one of the few museums I’ve still yet to see.

4) See a concert at White River: I’ve been to Verizon (now Klipsch, though let’s be honest, it’s Deer Creek and you know it) but never had the opportunity to see a concert at this outdoor venue.

4) Go to a show at The Vogue: This is also one of the more popular music venues I’ve yet to see a show.

5) See the lighting of the Christmas tree on the Circle: It’s crowded and cold, but still a cool experience, I suspect.

6) See a Broadway show at Clowes: Or anything really. I’ve still never been to Clowes, though I’m on the Butler campus now at least every other month.

7) Go on a ghost walk: This is more a general bucket-list type thing, but there are plenty of them around the Indy area.

Me and Alaina (now kicking butt as a brilliant IU-Bloomington law student) during a random IU visit a few summers ago. And no, I don’t know what the whole foot thing was about.

8) Go to an IU basketball game: I don’t really have a strong allegiance in the IU-Purdue rivalry, though I did almost go to IU (was really, really close, actually, until DePauw decided to give me approximately $160K). DePauw isn’t exactly known for its sports, so sometimes I crave a taste of the crazy Big Ten hysteria. My apologies to my Boilermaker brother-in-law, but I would love a chance to experience Hoosier basketball in Assembly Hall.

9) Check out swing dancing at Fountain Square: My friend Alaina and I have had this on our agenda for quite some time, though it never seemed to work out. It WILL happen and I WILL suck at it.

10) See the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra: I’m not a classical music buff, but I do appreciate it and the talent. I missed seeing them play for free at DePauw last year because I was swamped with work, not feeling well, and couldn’t really crash my friend and her boyfriend’s first real date to sit with them.

11) See a movie at the Indianapolis Museum of Art: Every summer the IMA shows films outside. I think they sound absolutely lovely.

12) Go to the Chatterbox: My dad used to play at this jazz club when I was little and obviously too young to get in. I’d still like to check it out.

13) Check out Mass Avenue: I’ve driven down it but never been able to stop.

14) Go to a Butler basketball game: Coach Brad Stevens graduated from DePauw, Hinkle Fieldhouse is famous, and I should really wear my Butler Basketball shirt at an actual game, which me brings to:

15) Meet Blue II and Blue III: I was on the Butler campus for my Teach for America interview last spring. As I waited for my turn in the basement of Jourdan Hall, a man pointed out to me that Blue II was passed out sleeping right down the hall. Since I didn’t go to Butler and know what was down the hall, I felt weird going to pet him and didn’t. Since then I’ve become a huge Twitter fan of Blue II and his super cute mascot in training companion, Blue III, and really want to meet them at some point in time. I would even bring them a bone.

16) Have Christmas tea at the Canterbury Hotel: Having tea at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans was a little tradition between my mom, aunt and me, and having a high tea is just a fun and girlie thing to do. I’d love to check out the high tea at the Canterbury, especially at Christmas time when the decorations are sure to be gorgeous.

17) Try more local breweries: So much beer. So little time. I’ve had Upland and just tried Barley Island. Other than that, I think the playing field is wide open to find a new favorite.

18) Check out the Heartland Film Festival. My major thesis was a full-length screenplay. Clearly I love films.

19) Visit the Lily House: I’ve visited the IMA, but have never made it into the Lily House.

20) Get a meal from one of the many Indy food trucks: So many to try, but I’ve never been around one.

There are so many great things to do and try and this city. To my Indy readers, what do you recommend? What should be added to the official list? And most importantly, who’s going to do some of these things with me?


6 thoughts on “My Indy Bucket List

  1. Next time I am up you, me, and Mom (Christmas or not) are going to have to go to tea! I also want to go to the Lily house, IMA is one of my favorite museums!

  2. Let’s see how many we can cross off this summer… and, obviously, you can come stay with me to see a game next year!

    1. Definitely! Mark your calendar: June 29th I want to go to the IMA for their summer film. It’s Big. Also, I have no idea how to get a ticket to an IU game haha. You’re the student, so you might have to help me out there…

  3. So many excellent things! If you need a buddy to do something, don’t hesitate to hit me up on Twitter. I’m all about most of the things on this list! And you should definitely do the Circle of Lights at least once. It’s pretty fun, but yes, usually cold.

    Also, have you ever been to Tibbs Drive-in? If not, you should add that to the list. I’m planning on going one more time before the season ends. You should come with!

    1. Thanks so much for offering! That’s very sweet. I was just looking over the list and I’ve sadly only accomplished one thing so far. I’ve never been to Tibbs Drive-In. I’ve actually never even been to a drive-in. My sister and her husband used to go to one a lot when they lived in Nashville, TN, and they planned to go at least once when I was staying with them during a semester internship but it never happened. So alas, I have still not been to one. Seems fun though!

      1. Oooh, yes! It’s my favorite spot in the city. Maybe because I’m easily impressed, or because I just love movies too much. But yeah, a trip to the drive-in is definitely in order since you haven’t been to one!

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