On Songs that Have My Name in Them

Growing up with the name Sarah has meant getting to deal with lots of the little issues of having a common name. Let’s face it: there are plenty of Sarahs and Saras around. My 8th grade PE class included another Sarah E. and a Sara T. When I graduated college, there were four other Sarahs in my sorority (all with the ever-important “h” at the end) and there had been two others to graduate before me. I just stopped paying attention when people said my name during the busy lunch hour because nine times out of ten they weren’t referring to me. My first and middle name combo, Sarah Elizabeth, is also probably the most common combo you find.

I don’t hate being a Sarah, though, and my name was the result of being born on my great-grandmother’s birthday (I never met her; she passed away in the 60s). It’s a good name. It’s carried me far. Getting to have a popular name also gives some special perks. You can always a key chain or souvenir mug with your name on it. You get to say you have the same name as celebrities (Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sarah McLachlan). And sometimes musicians write music just for you–or least someone else who just happens to have your name, but whatever.

Sarah and Sara have made an appearance in quite a few songs through the years. And yes, I know my name isn’t Sara, but when it’s being sung you never know the difference. Here’s a rundown:

“Zak and Sara” – Ben Folds

My sister gave me a copy of Ben Folds’s “Rockin’ the Suburbs” CD when I was a teenager. I didn’t listen to it for a few years in an act of rebellion, though when I finally gave it a listen I never looked back. This is one of the first tracks on the CD and I frequently give my own little spin on the lyrics (“Sarah spelled WITH an ‘h’ was getting bored…”)

“Sara” – Starship

Nothing like some synthesizer-armed guy singing his 80s heart out about the “storms brewin” in my eyes. Though I’m not sure if that really happens. If it does, someone please point it out.

“Sara Smile” – Hall & Oates

I admit this song is your typical cheesy love ballad. But I’ve always has a soft spot for it. If a guy is ever looking for a pick to use as a serenade for me (because clearly that happens all the time), this song will never go wrong for him. I guarantee.

“Sara” – Fleetwood Mac

It doesn’t get much better on the classic rock scale than Fleetwood Mac. I’ve always thought this song was beautiful, though apparently it is one of the band’s most hotly debated songs in terms of meaning.

“Sarah” – Ray LaMontagne

It’s sad song about growing up and relationships changing. But Mmmmm, Ray LaMontagne. In the words of Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.

“What Sarah Said” – Death Cab for Cutie

And to finish off the list, the ultimate depressing song about someone dying.

What about you? Any awesome songs with your name in them?


2 thoughts on “On Songs that Have My Name in Them

  1. Unfortunately, my name isn’t used all that often. I’ve only found 3 solid choices: “Alison” by Elvis Costello, “Allison Road” by the Gin Blossoms, and “Allison” by the Pixies. I also like to pretend the song “Dream Weaver” is about me. Obviously it’s about a girl with the last name Weaver. Obviously.

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