ThinkKit Catch-Up: Part I

#ThinkKit is a daily blogging challenge for the month of December hosted by Indy-based marketing firm SmallBox. To learn more about the challenge, do it yourself, or read other participants’ posts, follow along with @thinkkit or visit their webpage.

Since you’re a happy follower of this blog you’ve probably noticed that we’re 9 days into December and I’ve yet to post anything (and in fact haven’t since June of 2012), I have some serious catching up to do. Therefore I take a stab at the first 6 days below:

1) Document your year in photos. Did one photo encapsulate your year? Maybe it takes a gallery. And don’t forget to caption, describe, or or document what made an image so important. Let’s see those photos!

Looking over my photos made me realize I haven’t taken many photos this year. But here are a few I think capture the essence of this year:

I found art again. I took 3 years of art in high school, my last two years being a focus on photography. I loved it. I won some awards. And when I went to college I tucked that part of myself away to pursue writing and media and all of the things I thought I was supposed to do (and, okay, the art professors scared me). Since graduating I’d fallen into graphic design, but my dad kept insisting I should strive for hand produced art. I hesitated. I’m not a painter. My photography skills have faded. And I’d really never considered myself to be an artist at all. I’m a writer. That’s where my comfort lies. But I finally got out the art supplies that lingered from another life. Terrible doodles started to transform into something better. I broke out my mom’s Prismacolor pencils. I dabbled with my old acrylic paints. And while I wasn’t creating masterpieces, I was creating something. Something, to my surprise, people actually liked. Enough so people actually commissioned me for custom work (this picture shows one). It’s taken a long time for me to accept art back into my life, but the more I do the more I want to take it all in–get a nice camera, take a watercolor class, buy more sketchbooks. Who knows where it will go in 2014, how I will grow and shift and develop.

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Swing dancing in Fountain Square.

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I don’t get out of my comfort zone much, but I finally tried swing dancing at Fountain Square theater, something I’ve been wanting to do for years. Thanks to my friend Callie for pushing me to do it. Read about the full experience over on twentysomething Indy.

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One relaxed sleeping kitty.

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And I of course spent a lot of time with my cats.

2) Take a poll and share the results. Is there something you’ve been curious about? A decision you’re struggling with? Ask the crowd, and report back on what the results might mean. 

Okay, I didn’t do this, so I’m doing it right now. Now polling on Twitter and Facebook: What’s your favorite city? Leave your answer in the comments below (explanations welcome!) and I’ll do this in another post.

3) Share the strangest experience of your year. Did you do something new or unexpected, see something out of the ordinary, or have a unique experience? What was so strange about it?

Well, probably the weirdest thing I witnessed was this woman being twirled through the air by her hair at a theater festival in downtown Louisville. Seriously, who thinks, “Hey, I’m going to learn to put a hook through my air and fly while wearing strange gypsy clothing and throwing glitter?”

Outside of that, I think a surreal experience was interviewing for a job I’d dreamed about for a long time. Just seeing the behind-the-scenes of what things really looked like was strange in a way. I didn’t get the job. They were nice about it. It was a let down, but in a way I was oddly okay, oddly relieved, because not getting it meant I could finally be okay letting the dream go.

4) What was the wisest decision you made this year? Who did it impact? Describe your decision-making process, discuss the results, or just share a little learned wisdom.

I did a life coaching program. I felt silly for a while telling people I had a life coach, but most people’s response was that they either wished that was an option when they were my age or thought it was really cool. Am I totally the person I want to be because of it? No. Is it very Oprah-esque? Not really. But I do have some better bearings on myself, my natural reactions and tendencies, and how to work toward getting myself out of funks. There’s still more to learn and to shift, but the biggest thing I can say is that I learned I’m normal.

5) Interview at least one other person about their favorite moments of the year. Why were these moments important? Were they major events, a particularly memorable minute, or somewhere in-between? Share what you heard.

So that’s not going to happen unless you happily answer them in the comments below. Would love to know!

6) How do you want to get involved in your community this coming year? Is there an organization that you’re finally going to join? A neighbor who could use a hand? Or do you have a great idea that just needs a little momentum? Share how you’d like to get involved in your community during 2014.

I love kids and education-related organizations like Girls, Inc. or Junior Achievement. I was one of Junior Achievement’s tweeting trio members for their Indy’s Best & Brightest event a few months ago. It was an inspiring evening full of talented people and learning about the organization and students who are impacted by its programs. I’d love to be able to give back to similar organizations, though I’m probably not at the best place in my life to do so right now. Otherwise, I like being involved in Indy through twentysomething Indy. It’s been a great outlet to support local organizations and businesses while shining a light on some pretty kick-ass young professionals in the community. That will always be a way for me to be involved, even if it often involves hiding behind a computer screen for hours on end.


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